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Internship at Taihan Netherlands B.V. 대한전선


Taihan Netherlands B.V. 대한전선 is searching for two interns. This job opportunity
is exclusively for Leiden Korean studies program students.

1. Company Introduction
Taihan Netherlands BV is the Europe regional headquarter of Taihan Cable &
Solution Co., Ltd., a cable manufacturing company in South Korea. Taihan Cable
& Solution Co., Ltd is a global cable solution provider of cable and accessory
products to Transmission System Operators and Distribution Network Operators.
Taihan (Both Taihan Netherlands BV and Taihan Cable & Solution Co., Ltd.)'s
main goal is to become a major supplier in High voltage and Extra High voltage
cable business in Europe. Taihan Netherlands BV is focusing on providing
engineering services to clients (TSOs and DNOs) and localization of our
resources to achieve this goal.

2. Overall purpose of role
The role requires to provide the necessary contribution mainly at the tender and
execution stage of Power Cable Systems projects.

3. Key Activities & Responsibilities
• Examination of the project requirements and support developing project
execution plan.
• Project documents control including supporting of document generation,
document uploading, examination of the feedback from client etc.
• Preparation and issuing of Request for Quotation for the potential
• Examination of the received proposals from potential subcontractors from
different points of views: economical and scheduling / timing of the work
• Discussions with subcontractors with the aim of clarifying offers and aligning
them to Taihan / Customer requirements.
• Supporting Managing Director, Project Director and Business Development
Manager and Project team to ensure consistent and timely delivery of
services to clients.
• Preparation of and participation in project progress reviews as well as
communication of progress and control issues to the project team including
• On-site visit for training purposes.

4. Qualifications & Experience
• According to the contract between Energinet, Danish TSO, and Taihan, you
should be a EU citizen.

• Fluency in spoken and written English.
• Team working capability.
• Knowledge and familiarity with of software like Microsoft Office and in the use
of the Web.
• No restriction on traveling abroad.

5. Job Type: Internship

6. Contract length: 4 months (Extension is possible upon mutual agreement)
The successful candidates are expected to start at the earliest in June 2024, but
the exact moment will be discussed.

7. Working hour: 16hours per week (Day of work to be discussed)

8. Salary: EUR7.00 per hour (Gross)

9. Work Location: Stroombaan 4 1181 VX Amstelveen

10. Information
You may register the internship as an elective or extracurricular with uSis. If you
wish to do so, refer to this university webpage. Enquiries can be directed to Jin
Hee Park,

11. Application
To apply for this vacancy, please send your cover letter and CV no later than
Friday, May 31, 2024 to Please title
your documents as ‘Taihan_Cover letter_Your full name_Student number’ and
‘Taihan_CV_Your full name_Student number’ and format them as PDF files.

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